Bus transfer to or from Orly  Airport
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Bus transfer Roissy de Gaulle CDG airport

Travel time may vary from 35 minutes to ... 1H30 during Rush Hours. 2 bus services are available from CDG Airport : Air France Coach service or Roissy Bus (RATP operating). Pay attention to the different stops otherwise you may be quite far away from your hotel ... Depending on the bus transfer you choose your ticket price vary from 8 to 12 Euros - Air France propose 2 lanes (2 and 4) serving different Paris areas. Both (Air France and RATP) experience strikes every year - however quite rare.




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Air France Bus - Roissy CDG Airport

The most popular bus transfer is the Air France one - Service is operated between 5.45 am and 11.00 pm every 15 minutes for the line 2 from CDG 1 and 2 and Arch of Triumph (Bus stop is located on Carnot Avenue) - Line 4 serves Lyon and Montparnasse train stations and the frequency is a little lighter : service is operated every 30 minutes between 7.00 am and 9.00 pm - Bus terminal is located on Commandant Mouchotte Street. A One Way ticket for both lines costs 8 euros for a child and 12 euros for an adult. See detailed information about Air France bus service.

Air France Bus

Air France Bus transfer from or to Roissy CDG Airport

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RATP Bus transfer - Roissy CDG Airport

ROISSYBUS is the special RATP bus service that links the Charles de Gaulle airport and the Opera, in Paris. Travel time is usually between 45 and 60 minutes - Service is operated every 15min between 6am and 7pm and every 20 min between 7pm and 11pm - The Roissybus terminal in Paris is located 9, rue Scribe near Opera Garnier. It serves Terminal 1 - 2 and 3. Ticket price is 8,40 Eur per person one way.

Transfer by bus

See Information about RATP Bus transfer from or to Roissy CDG Airport

Roissy CDG airport paris

Night Bus transfer - Roissy CDG Airport

A night bus service is available between Paris downtown and Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport - This service is operated by RATP on lines N120, N121 and N140 between 0.30am and 5.30 am - The night bus transfer time is quite long as there are many stops on the way : usually 60 minutes. We only recommend this transfer to budget travellers. Night transfer to or from CDG airport can also be made by taxi - with a free road (no traffic jams) the bill should'nt exceed 40Euros

Night Bus Transfer

Night Bus transfer to or from CDG Airport

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Bus transportation between Roissy CDG airport and Paris

Air France Bus tickets can be purchased online on various websites. However we recommend you to pay directly to the driver - This is the cheapest buy. Buses run every half hour between 7am and 9pm. Ticket is non-refundable, has no expiration date, and is valid either from Paris or Charles de Gaulle Airport.  Allow usually one week for delivery if you purchase online. If you arrive to Beauvais airport please visit Ryanair bus service in Beauvais.